Introducing SDJ Jewlery

SDJewelry… not just your everyday jewelry!

When you wear SDJewelry from any of my collections you are intending to connect with the Angelic and Spirit Realms. You are setting a clear intention that you desire to be present, aware and connected to all beings in the Spirit World. This is a sign that you are ready to receive all of the gifts that this connection can manifest. You are making a statement, “I am ready to raise my vibration, intentionally.”

SDJewelry is created using natural stones and Swarovski crystals. Swarovski crystals are known for their depth of color, clarity, exquisite brilliance and perfect faceting. Swarovski is renowned as the finest crystal in the world. Crystals carry a high frequency and are used to absorb negative energy and transform that heavier, lower energy into a higher, lighter vibration. Everything is energy and all energy is vibration. Every thought and feeling is a vibration. When you wear SDJewelry you are deflecting negative energy and raising your vibration. As a result of your focused intention and higher vibration, you will attract that which you desire.

Each item is handmade with love and with the intention of expressing unconditional love. The space is cleared, beautiful sacred music plays and the intentions are set. Every item is handled with respect for the sacred energy that will carry to the owner.

What our clients say

Mission Statment

Our mission is to spread Love, Light and Joy wherever, whenever and however we can. We believe that unconditional love is the foundation of who we are and when we share this truth, through any and all forms of expression, it expands into each and every person’s heart…. creating the change we wish to see in ourselves and therefore the world. The change from fear to Love, from darkness to Light and from sadness to Joy… the ultimate and highest expression of Love! It is our intention that as you wear our SDJewelry you are not only reminded of the love that you truly are, but that you remind others.